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Safe Bargains Corporation Limited

Safe Bargains Corporation Limited investment fund represents a new vision of processes that form the modern financial market. Stock trading as a way to generate constant profit for the most stable fund performance in a long-term perspective, which is confirmed by a long term of the fund operation as of today.

Geography of the fund's activity. Legitimacy of business.

1 Fund's activity, its commercial interests, consummation of transactions and financial operations fit the demands of the UK legislative system. Apart from the main office located in London, the fund has representative offices in the USA and China.

2 Strategically correct geoeconomic location of our representative offices in Europe, North America and Asia lay the foundation for quite fruitful and enough long run (as of today) performance of the fund that opened its way 6 years ago, in 2010.

3 Providing its services worldwide and collaborating with its partners globally, the fund has created a reliable and proven over-time business structure within 6 years. Thus, it has become a reliable base and unifying factor for the international activity of the fund.

Fund's activity. How do we make money.

Conducting and exercising arbitrage transactions that result in profit generation stemming from differences in rates for precious metals, raw materials, currency and shares is the main and principle way the fund makes money.

Disposition of the investments implies portfolio investments that guarantees restructuring of the invested money as well as allows to sell shares flexibly and effectively. This tactics makes our business more successful even under strong competition in the branch.

Arbitrage transactions we conduct at stock exchange coupled with arbitrage of raw materials contribute into extra stability of circulating assets and increase the main circulate capital of the fund. Thus, we can safely forecast an anticipatory profit margin.

Personnel of the fund. Experience and counteraction.

High-skilled professionals in the sphere of arbitrage transactions never hesitate about where to invest money. The coordinated tactics and strategy of investment intervention into global commercial markets allows the fund's personnel confidently conduct monetary transactions warranting a positive result for all parties of interest. Main tasks of the fund's team include the following:

  • Accumulation of investment funds;
  • Transformation of investment resources;
  • Regulation of cash flows;
  • Warranty of permanent profit;
  • Full security of conducted transactions.

Our fund practices the advantages of international partnership and cooperation in terms of its activity. Our strategic partners are:

  • Commercial banks;
  • International financial organizations;
  • International insurance companies;
  • Commodity exchanges;
  • Stock exchanges;


Since Safe Bargains Corp Limited investment fund applies the advanced technologies and servers located in stock exchange centers and alternative trade systems combined with communication channels, we can create our own system of better demand and supply. We apply the immediate or cancel strategies as well as dark pool pinging, using volume-weighted average price (VWAP) formula for such strategies and developing scenarios of further actions of these orders, if the demand and supply move up or down, almost immediately.

Specialists of our fund do not apply patterns that are not effective enough to make present-day financial forecasts. Our computer programs monitor change of quotations and trader prints instead. Our specialized programs can receive and analyze large arrays of information within short period, then generate their trade orders and deliver them to the stock exchange core at the maximum speed. As a result, we get indisputable advantages conducting arbitrage transactions based on latency collocation, which is the most effective and modern way to monitor and conduct transactions.
Besides, our fund is constantly modernizing its hardware and network to shorten order time performance.