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Answers to frequently
asked questions.

1. Question:

I decided to start investing into arbitrage transactions by using Safe Bargains Corp Limited investment fund. What shall I do? Answer

1. Answer:

To start cooperating with our investment fund, you shall register on our site. Registration is free and will not take much time. Just a couple of minutes and you become a full participant of Safe Bargains Corp Limited investment fund with an opportunity to deposit your funds as well as perform other activity, stipulated in General Conditions of Business. Please, pay attention that undergoing the registration procedure you automatically agree with our General Conditions of Business and confirm your full consent with the conditions stipulated herein.

2. Question:

I cannot register my personal account on the site. Am I doing something wrong? Answer

2. Answer:

In case of problems with your account registration, you shall check the following:
  • Correctness of data entered;
  • Agreeing with General Conditions of Business;
  • Language of data entered.
Whether you are convinced that all registration form lines are filled in correctly, but you still have problems with your account registration, please, apply to technical service support.

3. Question:

How soon will my account be activated in the system? Answer

3. Answer:

An account of any user activates immediately after the completeness of correct undergoing the registration procedure on the fund’s site. Thus, you will be able to log in your account after registration and apply all account options to work with the system.

4. Question:

How can I log in my account? Answer

4. Answer:

To log in your account, click "My Account" and enter your log in data (user name and password you created during registration) in the form.

5. Question:

Can I change data in my account, and if yes, which one? Answer

5. Answer:

You can change data yourself in "Settings" except the following:
  • e-mail addresses;
  • e-mail addresses;
  • other payment information.
This information can be changed only through applying to technical service support of the fund.

6. Question:

I cannot log in my account. What shall I do? Answer

6. Answer:

First of all, check the following:
  • Correctness of user name;
  • Correctness of password;
  • Keyboard input register;
  • Language;
  • Internet connection;
  • Your browser capability.
In case no above-mentioned reasons have been detected, apply to technical service support of the fund.

7. Question:

How are my personal data security protected against unauthorized access by the third persons? Answer

7. Answer:

Information on personal information non-admission measures for our clients is in "Security".

8. Question:

I forgot my password. What shall I do? Answer

8. Answer:

You can restore your password through the option of password restoration. In case you face some difficulties using this option, apply to technical service support of the fund.

9. Question:

How many active accounts may I have with the fund? Answer

9. Answer:

Single account. It is forbidden to register multiple accounts. Please, read more in General Conditions of Business.

10. Question:

How to open a deposit account with the fund? Answer

10. Answer:

Do the following:
  • Log in your account;
  • Click "IDENTIFY";
  • Choose the type of payment;
  • Enter the amount;
  • Pay through money transfer.
Deposit account will activate automatically.

11. Question:

Which payment systems are available for investing? Answer

11. Answer:

To perform investing you can use the following payment systems:
  • Bitcoin;
  • PerfectMoney;
  • AdvancedCash;
  • OkPay;
  • NixMoney.

12. Question:

Which commission is stipulated by the fund for making an investment? Answer

12. Answer:

You pay for only those commissions, stipulated by payment systems.

13. Question:

Can I make several deposits? Answer

13. Answer:

Yes. The number of deposits is not limited.

14. Question:

Can I use balance money on my account for an additional deposit? Answer

14. Answer:


15. Question:

How is profit accrued? Answer

15. Answer:

Only on business days. No accruals on weekends. The first accrual will be conducted automatically in 24 hours after activation of your deposit.

16. Question:

What is the order of profit payoff and deposit body? Answer

16. Answer:

The fund provides manual payments. Deposit payment is made at the end of the deposit term. In case of force majeure, payment order may be prolonged up to 48 hours upon filing the payment request.

17. Question:

Money was not received on my wallet. What shall I do? Answer

17. Answer:

Send a corresponding request to technical service support of the fund.

18. Question:

How much does the minimal and maximal investment constitute? Answer

18. Answer:

Minimal amount is $ 50. Maximal amount is $ 25 000.

19. Question:

Which minimum and maximum divestment is possible? Answer

19. Answer:

There are no maximum limitations. Minimum sum amounts to $ 0.01.

20. Question:

What is the amount of partner award? Answer

20. Answer:

Partner remuneration is calculated on a daily basis from the charges of your partners. Partner remuneration is dependent on your partner selected investment plan.

21. Question:

Will I be able to receive partner award without my own deposit? Answer

21. Answer:


22. Question:

What is the order for partner award payoff? Answer

22. Answer:

Partner agreement is paid manually, not immediately, and can take up to 24 hours.

23. Question:

How can I become a member or your Referral System? Answer

23. Answer:

You shall register your personal account on our site to use your unique referral reference for inviting new participants to the fund.

24. Question:

How shall I invite new participants? Answer

24. Answer:

For this purpose use advertising materials provided on our fund’s site in your personal account.

25. Question:

I failed to find an answer to my question. What shall I do? Answer

25. Answer:

Apply to technical service support of the fund explaining your question. We will get back to you within the shortest period to help you to solve any questions related to investments.