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Engage your partners in
investment activity
and get up to 20% of extra profit

Additional profit. Partners and advantages.

Except passive profit, the fund has developed and made it available to all participants of the investment process and cooperation a reliable procedure, approved in practice and tested in real-life conditions, for obtaining an additional profit in the company. This Referral system was created for providing everybody with an opportunity to have extra profit in the company using the advantages of the partnership program without passive methods of earning money.

Partnership offer has many advantages
that significantly increase
profit of every client:

  • Global engagement of potential participants;
  • Overall control of your reference link in your account;
  • Technical support and advertising materials;
  • Easy engagement of new participants;
  • Advanced range of marketing tools;
  • Opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the partnership program.

Profit structure and the partnership program principle

  • The partnership profit from level I partners reaches
    from 7% to 12 % depending on the investment
    plan chosen by your partner;
  • The partnership profit from level II partners reaches
    from 2% to 5% depending on the investment
    plan chosen by your partner;
  • The partnership profit from level III partners reaches
    from 1% to 2% depending on the investment
    plan chosen by your partner;

Create your partnership structure;

The Fund has perused and thoroughly analyzed the conceptual structure of the engaged investors, when one active investor or Company's client arranges his/her referral structure in the fund. Thus, the Fund's management concluded that a current approach will allow to create the effective system of financial rewards for such initiators without the burden on the circulate capital. Moreover, it will enable active clients of the Fund to propel their extra active profit to the qualitatively new level.

Upon reaching a certain volume of money the affiliate structure, the organizer receives additional income from the total income received by its partners.

The more money you accumulate within your structure, the higher extra profit you will have! Climb up the career ladder, improve your well-being with our help and soon you will become a financially independent and well-off person.