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Security of investments
that ensures high level
of anonymousness.

Safety and security of investments

Hardware-and-software system, that insures site security, is of great significance for Safe Bargains Corp Limited investment fund. With this purpose, the fund's management has undertaken the range of measures aimed at implementing on practice all contemporary methods and means to ensure complete unavailability of fund's site databases for unauthorized actions by the third persons.

Daily creation
of reserve site
and databases copies

renews regularly

Protection against
spam in comments
and censor

Protection against
hacks, harmful bots
and programs

Own language for
data cryptography
on fund's servers

Data communication
with server
security protocol

technical monitoring
of the platform

Control and
filtration of
network data packets

Safety and security of investments

The management of fund made everything depending on it that the cooperation with us was the safest. At the same time, we would like to provide for you a number of recommendations, implementing which, you not only will increase safety of the website of fund, but also will make the participation in fund even more comfortable:

  • To enter our site use only those PCs you own;
  • Install up-to-date antivirus software on your PC;
  • Use only authoritative internet connection;
  • Do not disclose your user name and
    password to the third persons;